Social Inclusion

SANCHAR ensures Social Inclusion starting from family to community at all levels. SANCHAR organizes several capacity building trainings for persons with disabilities, their parents and family members to enable them to understand the importance of social justice and security and facilitates the process of availing Birth Certificate, Disability Certificate/ Identity Card, Medical Insurance etc. and accessing different facilities under different govt. schemes. At the same time SANCHAR is also involved in advocacy and lobbying with concerned govt. departments to sensitize and mobilize them to facilitate the process of realization of these entitlements. SANCHAR helps the persons with disabilities to realise their positions and roles within their families and communities and encourages them to socialise and develop relationships outside the home. On the other hand, SANCHAR spreads awareness on their rights of having meaningful relationships as well as family and married life and addresses stigma, prejudice and discrimination towards disability. SANCHAR promotes disability inclusive sports, art, cultural and recreational activities / events and encourages participation of people with disabilities.