SANCHAR has a strong network with CBOs and NGOs both at state and national level. In 2006-2007, SANCHAR built a network with more than 100 community based organisations to mainstream disability in their existing activities and to carry out a research for two years on the status of persons with disabilities with a special focus on girls and women in all 19 districts of West Bengal. During 2009 - 2012, SANCHAR implemented a four state project on “Rights for Deaf Children and their Families in India” through partnership with local CBOs. In 2009 - 2010, SANCHAR implemented another project ‘Mainstreaming Disability in the Development’ in partnership with CBOs in four districts of West Bengal to include disability as a cross cutting agenda into all Government and non Government developmental activities. In 2011 - 2012, SANCHAR worked with 27 organisations in 12 districts of West Bengal to set up a state level network of people with disability for ensuring their rights. SANCHAR works as a training and resource organisation at the national level and has built a strong partnership with around 200 NGOs and CBOs in 17 states in India and in neighbouring countries . SANCHAR has a strong network with the Department of State Disability Commissioner, West Bengal and Chief Disability Commissioner at the national level, who are responsible to ensure the rights of persons with disabilities in relation to national Act, schemes and facilities. SANCHAR is an active member of Disability Activists Forum,a state level Forum of NGOs in the field of disability and human rights, parents of children with disabilities, persons with disabilities, Disability Activists and individuals. SANCHAR is associated with AMAN, an international network to end violence against women and girls and with Maitri, a state level women rights network. SANCHAR is one of the leading member organisations of CBR Network in India and in Asia pacific.