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Rupsha Das

test7 Years’ old Rupsha lives in a village called Deoli in South 24 Parganas with her parents and grandparents. She was a very quiet and timid child and her interaction was limited only to the mother. The family assumed that she is a late starter and would start speaking late. Only when she was two years old, her mother felt that her child had problem with speech. When they consulted a doctor, Rupsha was diagnosed of hearing impairment which affected her speech. The parents were at a loss as they had no idea how to bring up a child with hearing impairment. They started consulting a speech therapist. The speech therapy continued for a year. The therapist prescribed a pair of hearing aids for Rupsha and it helps her to hear loud noise. Rupsha’s family came in contact with SANCHAR when she was five. The ‘pre-education programme’ of SANCHAR began with Rupsha since 2010. At that time Rupsha was attending the ICDS centre. Today, Rupsha can perform the daily life and self-care activities on her own. Rupsha with her mother comes to SANCHAR on every Thursday, and the facilitator from SANCHAR spends two hours both with Rupsha and her mother who then follows the process up at home. Rupsha is a quick learner and within a year of SANCHAR’s intervention, she was admitted to the primary school in the village. She is now a student of class III and likes mathematics the most. SANCHAR’s regular association with Rupsha has also helped her to overcome her shyness. A quiet child who did not have much interaction even with other family members earlier, now expresses her likes and dislikes with confidence. She can say a few simple Bengali words and has started to interact with others. Rupsha feels at home in SANCHAR where she faces no difficulty in communicating with others. A great change is noticed in Rupsha’s mother – an otherwise homely lady who was earlier lost about how to bring up a deaf child has become quite forward looking. She has accepted Rupsha’s condition and is always willing to go places on her own to find out ways that would help Rupsha. She is hopeful about Rupsa and also encourages the parents of other children with disabilities in the area to take a proactive role to help their children to succeed in life. The cost of the entire rehabilitation process with Rupsha including the honorarium and travel expense of resource teacher, parents’ training, maintenance of her hearing aid and teaching learning materials is around Rs. 2000 per month. If you want to support Rupsha, please contact us.

Training and Resource Division


Today SANCHAR has built its capacity as a Training Centre at National Level based on its 28 years of experience and has developed a replicable Community Based Rehabilitation model towards a disability inclusive development.

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Swabalambi is an inclusive income generation group of young adults with disabilities and their friends and family members who have already been trained as part of SANCHAR’s livelihood intervention.

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Braille Printing Division


The Braille Printing Division was set up in 2005 as part of the Resource Support Unit. Earlier the division used to publish various Acts, advocacy documents, Govt. schemes and facilities both in English and Bengali version.

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