Work One Day

Work one day for less privileged who are in need…

A happy family - food, shelter, clothes, education, entertainment, job, married life.......
Yes! We are so blessed in so many ways.
But we all know that there are so many people unable to secure their basic minimum needs and among them the poor children and adults with disabilities are the most vulnerable and facing double discrimination due to poverty and disability.
Let’s join hands and do something for them!
You work throughout the year to secure needs and desires of you and your family, which makes you happy… and we believe, ‘only a happy person can make another person happy’. Let’s do that!!
We would like you to work one day - not for yourself – but to support a poor child or adult with disabilities living in rural areas of West Bengal, India. Let’s work and donate your one day wages to SANCHAR to ensure Education, Health & Rehabilitation services to persons with disabilities.
Your one day's wage can make a significant impact in the life of children and adults with disabilities.